About Us


A safe comfortable and fun residence to help individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities live a more independent, dignified and fulfilling life.


Crystal Care Inc. provides independent residential living for adults (18 & up) with intellectual or developmental disabilities to help them live a more independent, dignified and fulfilling life. Helping individuals reach their highest potential and enjoy life to the fullest. We serve BOTH MEDICAID & PRIVATE PAY CLIENTS. We are an established corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia and licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS).

It's All About You!

We seek what is best for each of our residents. Crystal Care is committed to helping individuals with developmental disabilities to be more independent, enjoy a life of dignity to their fullest.

We do so by creating a peaceful & secure home and family while providing residents with the tailored supports they need emotionally, socially, and physically.

This comes with a caring, dedicated and committed family of management and supporting staff who enjoy and find fulfillment in supporting and making a positive difference in our resident family individuals.

Possibilities – CRYSTAL CARE believes there is a light in each of us, so we give hope and encourage our residents to ARISE & SHINE! We do so through a careful understanding of each participant’s needs. Individuals are given choices and assisted in making decisions and preferences that promote their wellbeing.

Bonding and relating with individuals as family is of priority to Crystal Care. Our professional direct staff are trained to be friendly, warm and caring as they would with their own family. Staff see things from our individuals’ point of view so that we can look to their interest and assist. Such a warm environment helps our residents to shine.

We see the big picture, unique potentials in our residents and ensuing possibilities. We employ various strategies to help residents be more independent, enjoy doing the things they love to do, enjoy life to the fullest and be successful.


  • Our clients and their wellbeing come first
  • Person-centered care and support
  • Belief in possibilities
  • Look beyond the immediate to see the big picture and the unique potentials in our residents.
  • Building long lasting bond and relationship.
  • Embracing and including first, the client and then working together with their designated family and social support team to plan and execute what uniquely works best for the individual.
  • Professional, caring and family oriented direct support staff.
Programs and services are designed to maximize each individual’s potential
(with help of professionally trained staff)


Our Team

Experiences, Professionalism, Work Ethics and Integrity

The combined professional experience and background of our Management Staff together with the professionalism of our Direct Support Staff enable CRYSTAL CARE work well together as a team to ensure your loved one becomes our loved one as well and receives our love and care because they deserve it. 

Crystal Care Management and Staff encompasses a wealth of experiences, professionalism, work ethics and integrity that add to providing our residents with great quality care.

Above all, Crystal Care Inc has willing and dedicates hearts ready to serve and support our adults residents. 

All employees undergo a thorough State & Federal Criminal & Background check to ensure safety, security and general well-being of our clients.

Great Services

Residential Program

Comfortable Residential Homes for persons with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (Group Home Services). Person Centered Care and Support ...

Employment Program

This is primarily to maximize the individual’s independence and targets individuals with educational, employment and volunteering interests.

Respite Care

Respite Care is an integral part of the caregiving process. We know and understand that the demanding work of caregiving is not meant to be done alone.